Against The Current // Reading Festival Q&A

Against The Current are a 3-piece alternative rock group for New York consisting of Chrissy Constanza, Will Ferri and Dan Gow.

Following tours with Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte, Against The Current released their sophomore album, Past Lives, in 2018, with tracks amassing more than 300million YouTube views.

This August, Against The Current surprised fans by releasing two reimagined mixes of their 2018 hit Almost Forgot – including one remix from drummer, Will. We met Will, alongside Chrissy and Dan backstage at Reading, following their stellar performance on the sunny Main Stage.

Are you going to see anybody else’s set over the weekend?

CC: We’re probably going to catch Billie Eilish over at Leeds, we’ve not seen her before, so we’re pumped.

You released the Almost Forgot remixes this week, is this the start of a new campaign?

WF: I don’t know about that, it’s just some cool, different content.
CC: Just keeps everything fresh, Will and Ryan Riback [who also remixes the track] keeping people happy.
WF: Remixes are pretty hot right now and we’ve never really had the opportunity before. It’s cool to send tracks over and hear a completely reimagined thing returned. For my remix, I was just kind of messing around, I’ve never done anything like that before and I was super inspired, so we put it out!

Against The Current last played Reading and Leeds 2 years ago, how have things changed for the band since 2017?

WF: We’ve grown up a lot
DG: We’re definitely more confident.
CC: Yeah we are more fearless, we’re less concerned with what what should be, or what everyone else thinks we should be.

Do you ever write whilst you’re on the road?

CC: Even when it seems like there is time during the day, it just never feels like there is. Like, on days like these; our label is here, our agent is here, our friends are here.. We kinda wanna say hi to everyone.

Your live shows and recordings both borrow heavily from the worlds of rock and pop, in which of these directions do you generally look for inspiration?

DG: I try not to think about it, you see the inspiration afterwards and realise that a lot of the sound came from a track I was obsessed with. We all listen to such a wide spectrum of music that hints of it come from everywhere.

What was the last track that one of you introduced the others to?

DG: For me, I was really into the last Ed Sheeran record, and after listening back I can totally hear all these elements from it.
CC: It might not be something that you would pick up on instantly, we have never been a band to be too influenced by one specific thing. I also thing it’s really important to not be influenced by the genre that you are supposed to be in.

Early in your career you released a string of covers, do you ever put covers together now in rehearsals?

WF: We might jam on something fun.
DG: There are some good ones, but they’ll never happen properly.
WF: It’s kind of hard to pick a setlist now that we have two albums plus the EPs, we have to cut great songs out, which we never had to do before!

Against The Current – Almost Forgot (Will Ferri Remix) & Almost Forgot (Ryan Riback Remix) are both available now.

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