Album Reivew: Wasuremono // Let’s Talk Pt. 2

Wasuremono impress again in the second act of their bold double record, with Let’s Talk Pt.2 pushing the band’s ambitious sound further, and even leaping over the high-bar expectations set by Pt.1.

Beginning with the dream-like trance of ‘Hi’, Wasuremono are addictive to listen to. Backdrops of echoing vocals and sparkling melodies are weaved perfectly together, with optimism-doused choruses setting the tone for the album. A highly thoughtful record – the group’s musical talent shines through each track, channelled through an elevated level of production.

Finger-picked guitar notes lay the foundations for ‘Fill Your Lungs’, upon which airy vocals and lush instrumentals lay, fading into ethereal harmonies and soothing rhythms. The funky riffs of ‘Eating Up The Sky’, ‘Don’t Stop’, and ‘Thunder’ contrast the calm, with the latter edging into a synthy, 80s-pop style number guaranteed to get crowds dancing.

Against the dreamy escapism of the music, the exploration of mental health issues brings the record back down to earth, grounding in much-needed conversations about everyday struggles. The album takes on a darker note with ‘The Florist’, with the haunting repetition of ‘the devil is on my back’ standing out against the cosy whistling tune of the melody.

‘It Grows’ is the standout track of the record. With a focus on strong vocals and subtlety everywhere else, attention is drawn to the highly contemplative lyricism, with the understated piano background offering room to think. It’s a song you need to sit down and take in – quiet, downbeat, yet incredibly hard-hitting.

From the layered harmonies and spinning melodies of ‘Beautiful People’, to the jangly, fast-paced sounds of ‘Bitter Ending’, each track of the album offers something unique to the last – whether it be vocals, production, or instrumentals. It’s rare to find an album which contains so much yet blends so well, but Wasuremono have found the formula.

Album closer ‘Happy Lunacy’ offers the big high energy finish needed. The lyrics, ‘Howling at the moon, everyone will sing to you // Happy lunacy’ are the perfect metaphor for the album. Optimism in dark times, and trying to smile when you aren’t at your best. It’s both poignant, and cathartic – a record travelling through the motions, yet still finding it’s way.


Wasuremono’s Let’s Talk Pt.2 is out this Friday and is available to pre-save and pre-order now.

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