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Superfood are a band that I have always considered exciting. With an incredible live stage presence, a debut album full of messy-but-fun riffs and catchy lyrics, and a highly devoted fan base, I couldn’t help but wonder in which direction their new album would take them – especially since their previous singles, record, and headline tours were all ultimately deemed such a success.

However, the Superfood that are set to release Bambino via Dirty Hit Records on September 8 are a different Superfood from that which we knew three years ago. Although still as slick and faultless as ever, the band now consists of a partially new line-up, and a new sound that although echoes that of old, is more experimental than what we’ve heard before.

Opening with ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’, a track which samples a series of voice clips and has a strangely technological feel to it, the main elements of this new sound are communicated. ‘Double Dutch’, the first single to be released as an album teaser back in March, is similar in this respect, combining a series of documentary-style audio samples effortlessly with the bands signature smooth guitar riffs and harmonies, resulting in a defined new style which feels confident and crafted.

In contrast, tracks such as ‘I Can’t See’ and ‘Natural Supersoul’ are far more traditional in their composition, with gentle percussion and a relaxed reggae vibe oozing through the layers of vocals and guitar. The record is also interwoven with a series of instrumental tracks such as humorously named ‘wibble mtn’ and ‘c is for colour’. These interludes provide a calming break from the endlessly upbeat yet catchy songs on the record, and their components, mostly intense hazy noises, juxtapose the surrounding tracks quite dramatically.

Finally, it’s songs such as ‘Unstoppable’ and ‘Witness’ that stand out among the experimental sound as being familiar and comforting. It’s these tracks that conjure memories of big crowds packed into tiny venues, NME tours, teenage moshing, and serve as a reminder that although the band have progressed, they’ve not forgotten their roots.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Superfood’s Bambino is released this Friday via Dirty Hit records and is available to pre-order now. 

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