Album Review: Blossoms // Foolish Loving Spaces

With Foolish Loving Spaces, Blossoms seem to be seriously infected by Talking Heads. At the same time, they want to misbehave and be rude as Britpop once was. If you wonder if they can make it? The answer is yes.

Frontman Tom Odgen knows how to write catchy pop songs. And by catchy, I don’t mean commercial. I mean tunes that stuck in your head for days. And let’s be honest, an album that can accomplish that is most probably a good album. Fooling Loving Spaces is definitely different than anything we heard from the band before. And that’s a good thing. Blossoms were never the band that was trying to find a recipe and stick with it. They’re young, they’re fresh, and they’re still experimenting. And that reflects on their music.

They’ve said that before the recordings, they spent a summer listening to Talking Heads, U2 and Primal Scream. And that is something you can hear in their new record. Illustrated by a good old pop sound like Abba or Fleetwood Mac, but like it was written in 2020. “Can you do that?” some of you may ask. This record is your answer. Make a modern sound but keep the romance of the oldies. There is a recipe for that and Blossoms found it.

It’s kind of challenging to remain loyal to a sound. And by loyal I mean, not change your core. Blossoms are undoubtedly an indie band. But that doesn’t mean that they’re stubborn. They do try new things; they do want to improve; they do want to discover new elements on their sounds. Blossoms are growing fast. Their age seems to follow their sound. They’re growing through their sounds. And that’s the sweetest and most sincere thing you can find in music.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Foolish Loving Spaces is available to purchase and stream now. Blossoms are set to head on a huge UK tour including three nights at London’s Kentish Town Forum. For more info, tickets and everything else head to the blossoms website.

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