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Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison’s latest album color theory is a complex collection of confrontation and catharsis which tells honest stories of a youngster who is wise beyond her years.

Following her critically-acclaimed debut in 2018 with Clean, she emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience to many around the world, and with her latest foray, the 22-year-old artist pulls lessons learned for the present as well as the optimistic sheen of light for the future from shades and shadows of the past.

Starting with ‘bloodstream’ the 10-track production launches into a vast and genre-defying soundscape which ranges from the melodic shimmer of personal favourite ‘circle the drain’ to the melancholic sonics of ‘royal screwup‘ and ‘night swimming’.

Flowing from one engaging story to the next, the first bits of color theory moves as one- before the tone shifts. With this shift comes the first standout of the album, as the foreboding feeling of ‘crawling in my skin’ washes over listeners, setting up for the unsettling yet subtle darkness that lies hidden within the many layers of the album.

One hit follows another as the quiet notes of ‘yellow is the color of my eyes’ showcases Allison’s gift for story-telling ; the longest track of the album clocking in at over 7 minutes, it doesn’t feel it’s as long as Allison’s beatific, youthful voice and sincere honesty guide the story right up to the short burst of ‘up the walls’.

Next comes the next highlight of the album in the form of ‘lucy’ which juxtaposes an upbeat soundscape with a brush of light vocals. Approaching the tail end of the album, a heavy mood sets in as the slow-burn stylings of penultimate track ‘stain’ reveals an unrestrained soul stained forever by their own flaws who still manages to move forward; a disconcerting yet much-needed tale of overcoming hardships.

All these moments of fleeting beauty, of scars of the past and blissful dreams, culminate on the soothing lull of  final track ‘gray light’, and all too soon it’s over and you’re left wanting more. If anything can be faulted it’s the short play time because as it ends the inclination to leave it on repeat remains.

Soccer Mommy’s newest album is presented a reflection of her own self and it’s a true testament of her effortless skill that with every lyric and beat she’s able to bring forward a sense of genuine relatability; color theory is Sophie Allison’s story and is written as her catharsis, but it’s biggest win is its ability to heal listeners as the warmth of her music settles and comforts.

Rating: ★★★★

colour theory is available to purchase and stream now

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