Album Review: Inhaler // Cuts & Bruises

Two years on from their impressive number one debut album, Dublin indie-rockers Inhaler return with another set of high energy, stadium-ready anthems

The upcoming months for the Irish four piece Inhaler will be huge, with support slots for indie darlings Arctic Monkeys and pop’s golden boy Harry Styles on the cards, so it’s only fitting that their sophomore effort, Cuts & Bruises, feels bigger and better than what has come before.

Breezing steadily into what is to come, album opener ‘Just To Keep You Satisfied’ is a gorgeous mix of hushed vocals and infectious guitar hooks. It’s a strong opener, as it gradually builds into a louder, rock-infused track which is guaranteed to have live crowds buzzing until the final note.

From the polished indie-rock of single ‘Love Will Get You There’ to the euphoria of ‘These Are The Days’, each track is finessed and well-crafted, mingling infectious lyrics about romance & the perils of youth with a sonic heft. ‘If You’re Gonna Break My Heart’ is the band at their best, a sombre track which eventually builds to an impressive summit which is sure to go down a treat when the band take to the stage this week.

There are tender moments within this album, on tracks like ‘Perfect Storm’ and fan favourite ‘Dublin in Ecstasy’, as Inhaler build upon what they have created before and add texture to their canon of tracks.

From the high energy ‘When I Have Her On My Mind’ to the sweetness of ‘Be My Valentine’, Inhaler stick to their signature sound without shying away from laying emotions bare. For all the confidence oozing from this record, Elijah Hewson’s soaring vocals bleed with honesty, urgency and emotion – it’s a showcase of a band who are enjoying their rise to fame, but not without some reflection along the way.

Album closer ‘Now You Got Me’ stands apart from previous tracks. Charged with contemplative emotion which rouses to an intoxicating crescendo, this is an album finale which stands as testament to the band’s talent for creating tracks which grab the listener’s attention immediately.

Inhaler might have enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame over the last 18 months but in this, their most emotional and honest record to date, they come back down to Earth with what proves to be an extremely satisfying second offering.

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