Album Review: Love Is Dead And We Killed Her // Doll Skin

Doll Skin took their last album Manic Pixie Dream Girl, an album about girl power and love, kicked it into the dirt and spat on it. It is almost like Love Is Dead And We Killed Her is the band scolding themselves for being so naive. The album title mirrors the fact that not a single song on the album is about love, and by removing something like that they can focus on what really matters – revenge and anger over what is wrong in the world.

In 11 tracks they seem to cover everything wrong the music industry – predatory men (remember 2017?), feeling out of place in a male saturated industry, the duality of touring, mental health on the road, missing home and even how there are too many songs about love (with room for a few songs warning those who crossed them that they will show them who’s boss).

The pure anger and power displayed through 11 rip-roaring tracks is unparalleled in modern music. Every song tells a story of pain and injustice through memorable hooks and further improved musicality.

Highlights from the album include ‘Don’t Cross My Path’, a heavy song displaying everything that Doll Skin has, packed into a powerful three and a half minutes, and the title track that includes maybe the catchiest hook in modern music.

So yeah, maybe check out Doll Skins new album, it will absolutely be worth it.

Rating: ★★★★★

Love Is Dead And We Killed Her was released on June 28th via Hopeless Records and is available to stream and purchase now. Doll Skin head back to the UK in September along with Trash Boat. For more info including tour dates and links to purchase the album head over to the Doll Skin website

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