Album Review: Maverick Sabre // Don’t Forget To Look Up

Don’t Forget To Look Up Maverick Sabre explore the ups and downs of relationships and life, soundtracked by layered instrumentals and a minimalist, yet intricately arranged production style.

The slow openings of ‘Falling’ begin the easy-listening journey of the record, rolling past velvety vocal tones and expressive rhythms. With subtlety key throughout the album, the gorgeous harmonies of ‘Not Easy Love’ see Sabre in a sweet duet with Demae, as delicate guitars provide the setting for swooning songs about relationships past and present.

‘Get By’ provides a sunny serotonin boost within its twinkling melodies, floating through crisp vocal tones and weightless harmonies, before dipping into the vintage-feeling ‘Good Man’. Paolo-Nutini-esque in style, the track swirls around soulful choral harmonies, before rising into a sweet heartfelt bridge.

Elsewhere, the fireside warmth of ‘Can’t Be Wrong’ offers crooning undertones and slow-moving choruses, contrasting the poolside tropics of ‘Place and Time’ where twangy guitars and understated vocals dominate. The record exudes comfort, finding itself in a blissful serenity, with sincere lyricism and mellow instrumentals leading the way.

Beyond explorations of relationships, the album looks at mental health issues too. ‘Like This’ talks about wanting an escape from the everyday, and needing to take yourself somewhere with a little sunshine. Here Sabre showcases his versatility, switching fluently from song to rap, speaking honestly about his own struggles. Meanwhile, ‘Time Away’ builds on the escapist theme, with carefully crafted layers of instrumentals the dominant force against broad vocals and dazzling choruses.

But love still remains the main theme of the record. The vocal-focused ‘Something Special’ is contemplative and personal, candid lyrics standing against muted guitar notes. The slow duet of ‘Middle of Eden’ brings intimacy to the album, with an acceptance of trying to make things work in a struggling relationship; ’running away never frees you’.

Driven by catchy lyrical hooks, ‘Walk These Days’ introduces funkier, busier instrumentals, setting the scene for the disco sounds of final track, ‘Get Down’. An incredible final song, the sleekly produced track features the legendary Nile Rodgers on guitar, whilst zesty synths and addictive choruses fire the album into one last dance.

A record that feels like a hug – ‘Don’t Forget To Look Up’ really does hit all the right marks.


Don’t Forget To Look Up came out this Friday, January 28th, and is available to download and stream now

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