Album Review: Miles Kane // Change The Show

Miles Kane’s newest venture sees his writing grow in maturity and focus more on himself.

Whilst belting choruses and powerful rhythms still dominate his music, Change the Show finds the singer on an unexpected coming of age journey, looking inwards, rather than outwards, and swapping rock for soul and blues.

Album opener ‘Tears are Falling’ embarks on a dreamy voyage of swirling guitars and rolling vocals, contrasting sweet melodic notes with introspective lyricism. The pace is quickened with ‘Don’t Let It Get You Down’, as racing verses jump into fast guitar licks, shifting tempos and possessing a salsa-like danciness. It even features a cameo from Lily Savage – the result of a phone call between Kane and Paul O’Grady, where the pair chatted like “two old Scouse nans” before recording the 10-second line.

‘Nothing’s Ever Gonna Be Good Enough’ sees Kane in a sunny duet with Corinne Bailey Rae; a track which arose during the second lockdown, and inevitably had to be recorded remotely. You wouldn’t be able to tell though – the duo’s fiery push and pull chemistry still shines through despite never getting the chance to be in the studio together.

From the cloud-walking, easy-listening ‘See Ya When I See Ya’, to the soul-driven, ‘Tell Me What You’re Feeling’ to the feel-good, ‘Never Get Tired of Dancing’; Change the Show is still unmistakably Miles Kane, brimming with big choruses and stomping guitars. It’s another record destined be heard live – but fans will have to wait just a little longer until they can belt out the tunes again.

As the singer himself admits, this album contains a little more honesty, with Kane marking a return home to the UK four years ago as a key turning point. The contemplative feel of the album is none more marked than on ‘Coming of Age’ –  an almost Beach Boys esque track dominated by bright vocal harmonies and breezy rhythms, centring around the theme of growing older.

‘Constantly’ sees the record take a breather, passing through nostalgia-tinged lyrics, softened guitar notes and rosy choruses, before ‘Caroline’ powers in – a huge singalong track which sees Kane at his very best, a showman sparkling against the backing of a brass band.

‘Adios Ta-Ra Ta-Ra’ ends the album on a rising finale, with swaying verses propelling into driving choruses, and closing on soaring instrumentals. An energy-filled finish, and the perfect sign off on what Kane describes as “the most meaningful and the most authentic” album he’s “ever made”.


Miles Kane’s Change The Show is out this Friday, January 21st, and is available to pre-order now.

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