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My relationship with of Montreal goes way back. The typical relationship between the audience and the band. In my mind, of Montreal mean sun, cold beers, dance and tipsy smiles. Not necessarily by that order. A glimpse of summer in the winter.  And whenever I’m reading that of Montreal are about to release a new album, the sun seems a bit brighter. Even if there’s no sun. Even if there’s only rain.

Kevin Barnes is the man to blame for all these feelings and UR FUN is doing it all over again. It is like entering in a party, full of interesting people; the place is kind of dark and you just want to dance the pain out of you. Don’t ask me which pain; everyone is in pain: a hard breakup, a loss, a stressing job, life itself. You pick one. An Electro-pop album with psychedelic vibes made by Mr Barnes himself, let us explore him as a musician and as a human. Music is a part of him. And he is a part of his music.

UR FUN as a title explains everything you need to know about this record. It’s a record of our lost fun. But in any way, it is a funny record. Barnes sings “Hush, hush / Don’t let’s be negative / Hush, hush / Don’t let’s be cruel”, as the music keeps bringing glimpses from 80s dreamy synth-pop. It’s all about the lost art of having fun. Some may say that lyrics are cheesy; I would say that lyrics are not cynical. And if you think about it, sometimes it is just what we really need — a cheesy record in a cynical world. Even if reality is hard, we deserve some fun. It’s about being alive.

However, as I wrote, the record is about fun but it’s not a funny record. Barnes is a really intelligent songwriter. He’s sentient and he knows what a place the world has turned into. Songs like ‘Don’t Let Me Die In America’ target American politics, ‘Deliberate Self-harm Ha Ha’ is all about mental health. An issue that is on the rise and people should be talking about it. The whole record is a party and the things you feel when you’re in it. It’s about excitement, falling in love, dancing, getting real. It’s about having fun in a non-funny world.

Rating: ★★★★☆

of Montreal’s UR FUN is released today and is available to stream and purchase now. 

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