Album Review: Please Be Mine // Molly Burch

As we’ve all come to expect, Captured Tracks label (home of Mac DeMarco, Beach Fossils, and DIIV) is synonymous with chilled-out, atmospheric, and dreamy releases; Molly Burch’s debut album Please Be Mine adheres to this ethos effortlessly. Having been surrounded by music from an early age and with a background in jazz music, Burch has collated a variety of influences on this early contender for album of the year, and it really is a treat to listen to.

An album that was recorded in one impressive day, Please Be Mine is beautifully constructed, with each of the 10 tracks able to delicately tug on your heartstrings. Just as its title suggests, the album’s overall theme is that of yearning, and coupled with the ’60s influenced guitar licks and drum tracks which carry on throughout the album, Molly Burch has near on perfected the art of easy-listening. Beginning melodically upbeat and lyrically sombre with ‘Downhearted’, sincerity makes its way to the foreground of the album as Burch sings “I’ve got a lot to give / I know that this is true” over the top of continuous drums, and a guitar tone that sets Please Be Mine as something that at first might find itself at home as the soundtrack to a French cinematic piece. ‘Wrong For You’ and ‘Please Forgive Me’ follow on with the sun-kissed sound not too distant from the surf-rock genre, before ascending into ‘Try’ – an intimate and rambling ode that, while sounding incredibly similar to the previous tracks on the record, showcases Burch’s soft vocals that overlap the superb guitar licks that are a trademark aspect throughout Please Be Mine.

Stemming from heartbreak, Molly Burch’s debut record continues with ‘Loneliest Heart’, a 5-minute slow-dance filled with distant guitar tones that are only overshadowed by Burch’s absolutely brilliant vocal performance –  a common theme on this substantial LP. Continuing the melancholic and summery tint to the album, ‘Torn To Pieces’ holds on to the effortless drum tracks seen on earlier songs, before ‘Fool’ relaunches the whole 1960s undertones, built up by Burch’s timeless vocal talent. ‘Not Today’ adds to the evocative stance Please Be Mine takes, prior to the titular track acting as a quasi-album closer as it brings an air of malaise and finality to the album. Lastly, ‘I Love You Still’ takes over, and serves up one final piece of crooning on an album that is beguilingly impressive.

A beacon in the sea of female singer/songwriters, Molly Burch will hopefully be joining others delivering in the same genre, like Angel Olsen, in taking the limelight in 2017 with this completely heart-wrenching and whole debut album.

Molly Burch’s debut album Please Be Mine is available to pre-order now over here, and is set for release on February 17th.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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