Author: Aurora Henni Krogh

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Live Review: Boy Pablo // Rockefeller, Oslo

Boy Pablo brings out the summer vibes in snow-covered Oslo. The Bergen band, fronted by Pablo himself, have quickly soared to the kind of indie-fame that opens up for both comical leeway and searing…

King Nun - 2

EP Review: I Have Love // King Nun

They might be riding the Dirty Hit hype, but King Nun are far from your conventional indie act. With their ferociously sharp melodies and lyrical savviness, the quartet is not one to be pigeonholed. …


Track Review: Gills // Neggy

Their grunge oriented, back-heavy sound draws on influences such as Pearl Jam and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Neggy balance an edge between melodic and distorted that is almost as captivating as it …