Author: Daisy Woodley

Porridge Radio

Album Review: Porridge Radio // Every Bad

Porridge Radio have reached a stage where they are impossible to ignore. Formed in 2015 - and originally the solo project Dana Margolin - their extensive collection of Bandcamp songs maps their progre…


Live Review: Black Marble // Studio 9424

When you think back a few years, specifically around the time that Fabric was closed down, there seems to be an underlying current of worry within the music industry that London’s nightlife could be p…

Press Main - Salim Garcia

Live Review: Crumb // The Dome, London – 05.12.19

Returning to London merely a year after their 2018 debut in the city, Crumb’s mesmerising psych-rock beguiles audiences in a way that few British bands have proved capable of doing. ‘Jinx’, produce…