Author: Jasmin Robinson


Album Review: Lewis Del Mar // Lewis Del Mar

Being set up as the next 'biggest band in the world' by James Corden, Rockaway Beach natives Lewis Del Mar have certainly had a lot to live up to with their titular debut album. Nevertheless, with onl…


Album Review: All Your Happy Life // The Wytches

With a debut album as unorthodox and straight up brilliant as 'Annabel Dream Reader', one might assume The Wytches would be subject to ‘second album syndrome’. However, with their second LP All Your H…


Album Review: Trick // Jamie T

"I don't want the next album to take 5 years", says Wimbledon's Jamie T in the NME, after releasing his first album in what felt like an eternity back in 2014. He wasn't joking either, as here he is, …