Baby Queen deals with unrequited love in new single,’Want Me’

Once again wearing her heart on her sleeve, Baby Queen (aka. Bella Latham) has returned with her latest banger, ‘Want Me’, ahead of the release of her debut EP next week.

Written about an actor from one of her favourite TV shows, ‘Want me’ once again sees Baby Queen take us into her subconscious as she deals with a childlike crush that has taken hold.  Talking about coming up with the track Bella says: “I remember watching it and just thinking “here we go.” I hadn’t fancied somebody for about 2 years and I definitely don’t have the time for any sort of romantic relationship in my life right now, so it kind of suited me to have a stranger as the object of my affection.”


It became clear to me that I had to capitalise on the feeling and blow it out of proportion in my own mind, which is what this song does in a way, but there’s a part of me that defaults into a state of self-reflection and self-criticism as soon I fancy somebody. This song is about a childlike crush and an unrequited love. It’s also about my insecurities that seem to be exacerbated by those feelings. This song feels very adolescent to me, and it feels more like a conversation with myself. I love that the lyrics come across as a stream of consciousness. It’s a bit of a sonic tantrum really, especially towards the end when it starts to explode, I think it’s probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Baby Queen love song anytime soon.”

Alongside her debut EP scheduled for release next Friday, November 13th, Baby Queen will embark on her first ‘virtual tour’ supporting none other than Yungblud starting on November 16th. For more info and tickets head over here.

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