Blaenavon release surprise album, ‘demoitis’

Bringing us a little Christmas day surprise, Blaenavon’s Ben Gregory has dropped the bands second album of 2019 demoitis.

The songs on the album continue on from the theme of their sophomore, Everything That Makes You Happy. Recorded over the course of the year by Ben, the album sheds some light on the mental health struggles he has been dealing with over the course of the year.

In the album’s press release Ben states ‘demoitis reflects on the rehabilitation process following a mental breakdown. Demoitis itself is a sensation so many artists can relate to – falling in love with the quirks and subtleties of something homely and imperfect’.

The record itself comes as a demo album, which Gregory said: ‘I felt it made most sense to release this record as a complete demo album in order to let the songwriting speak for itself and show what can be created with so few tools in the modern age

Demoitis is available to listen now via streaming platforms.

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