Body Horror have shared the thundering ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’

Landing with their debut track ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’, Body Horror have emerged from the murky swamps of combative post-punk

Having established themselves as a fierce live within the DIY warehouse scene, North London outfit Body Horror have come thundering in with their debut track. Merging the worlds of post-punk and industrial noise rock, the band’s debut track is an at times jarring, and at times thrilling glimpse into the world the band have spun with their live act.

Taking advantage of the rolling lockdowns of the past year to get into the studio and capture their live energy on record, ‘The Gimps’s Gimp’ is a first taste to the outside world of what the band have been cooking up.

Warning: This video contains flashing images

Speaking of the track, bassist Bart Williams says: “At our gigs, as soon as the first drum pattern meets the pretty horrid sample that opens the song, the crowd would start moving straight off and go pretty mental. That reaction was what made it a no-brainer for us to record ‘The Gimp’s Gimp’ and make it our first single.”

Singer Gathyn Thomas also adds: “The tune is the tale of a Gimp that belongs to another Gimp, so it’s a kind of double negative of submissiveness. A metaphor for the unspoken, sexual underbelly of individuals in hierarchies. One man’s gimp is another man’s pimp”. 

The Gimp’s Gimp is available to download and stream now

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