Childe returns with his first track of 2021, ‘Child’

Returning with his first single of 2021, Childe has unveiled his new track and video ‘Child’.

Following on from his previous release, the track builds on Childe’s sense of introspection. With the track taking an almost meditative note, the single sees him meld static beats and kaleidoscopic samples for a bittersweet and ambient electro-pop track.

Taken from his upcoming debut EP of the same name, due out April this year, it won’t be long before we see more from Childe.

Finding its inception whilst travelling in America, Childe’s debut EP due April 2021, is a collection of raw yet freeing, coming of age tracks. A transgressive and eclectic fusion of indie and electronica, the EP sees the introspective artist confront his relationship with trauma, lonerism, and addiction to destruction.

Talking about the EP Childe said: “I’d written all these songs in quite quick succession and it felt like a self identified therapy session…it was a process of fathering my own thoughts.” He says about the EP. “When you experience quite a lot of trauma as a kid, you end up becoming drawn to the extremity of the emotion because that’s what you felt before. Those are the grooves that have been cut in me that show me how to feel. It’s only in growing up in the past couple of years that I’ve learnt not to be ashamed of that, to accept it. My version of trauma is that I’m drawn to feeling hard.”

With a moniker that alludes to a fantastical persona that is simultaneously deeply personal and filled with a storytelling spirit, Childe’s unconventional take on pop music is providing a vital tonic for modern-day escapism, lacing together hip-hop influences with quirky electronic beats, imbued with lyrics that evoke powerful narratives.

“The thing that connects my songs is that they all started as a way of me figuring something out. It’s about being okay with the journey of life, learning to bed myself in and trust the process and to know that it’s okay for expectations to change, to mess up and to reconcile. I come to a song with a problem, and the song helps me fix the problem.”

Child is available to stream and download now.

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