Creeper announce split after London show

Having taken over London’s KOKO for a one-off show to round off the Eternity, In Your Arms era, Creeper have apparently announced the band have split up.

Taking the stage just before the band played their last song, ‘Misery’, lead singer Will Gould announced: ‘Not only is it the last show of our album campaign, but it’s the last show we’ll ever do’. The band then ended the show laying down their jackets one by one.

Although the band are yet to clarify tonight’s onstage occurrences,  rumours are already circling that this may, once again, be one of the band’s stunts. With Gould’s onstage farewell being an almost word-for-word recounting of David Bowie’s when he laid Ziggy Stardust to rest in 1973.

Alongside tonight’s onstage announcement, the band also seemed to be selling posters stating that “In the late hours of 1st November 2018 the group known as ‘The Callous Heart’ ended their time abruptly”. Whether this just points to the end of an album era or a career as a whole it’s not known.

Tonight’s events may just be the band gearing up for another conceptual era, but until an official announcement, it’s anyone’s guess…

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