Curated Playlist #001 – Imaginary People

Hailing from New York, post-punk quartet Imaginary People have been hidden away in the studio these past few months preparing their sophomore album October Alice due out on April 27th. Stealing them away from the mixing desk for a short break, we asked the band to create the first in a series of curated playlists.

Settling on the theme of ‘Punch Someone In The Face’, we let the band loose on Spotify to see what they came up with. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Punch Someone In The Face by Imaginary People.

“Sometimes you have a bad day and you need to punch some people! So to compliment this emotional cluster fuck, try this feel good mix and retrofit the rage!”

1. Take The Long Road And Walk ItThe Music

“Good burner, maybe try out that karate swing kick on your annoying neighbour!”

2. Tired Of Toeing The Line – Rocky Burnette

“Feel some soul when tackling a random person in the street holding an opposition political poster.”

3. Maggie’s Farm –  Bob Dylan

“Maybe punch the guy in the elevator for looking at you funny!”

4. I Can’t Hardly Stand It  – The Cramps

“That friends cat you don’t like…”

5. 25 Minutes To Go – Johnny Cash

“The guy beeping behind you, just hit reverse and crash into him.”

6. Do The Evolution – Pearl Jam

“Take your elbow to the fuck next to you that’s been bumping into you while you’re ordering your drink.”

7. I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem Remix (Stereogamous)

“Get real intimate with a creepy stranger dancing, then sucker punch them.”

8. Krack -Soulwax 

“Punch your computer for freezing…”

9. Chase – Giorgio Moroder

“Go out to a desolate field and punch the air with your best Kevin Bacon footloose impersonation…”

10. Eminence Front – The Who

“Meditate but make sure you’re punching someone…”

Imaginary People‘s second album is out on April 28th via Five Five Diamonds. You can check out the first track off the record, ‘Snapshot’, over on Soundcloud.

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