Declan McKenna New 2017

The rise of Declan McKenna over the last couple of years has been nothing short of impressive. From his bedroom to international sensation, the 18-year-old has left a path of awestruck fans in his path. Now, continuing on his path to stardom Declan has revealed his debut What Do You Think About The Car? 

Released on July 21st, What Do You Think About The Car? will feature 11 tracks, including ‘Isombard’, ‘Bethlehem’ and of course the song that kick-started it all, ‘Bethlehem’.

To coincide with the album’s announcement, Brazil has also been brought back out as Declan’s new single and launches with a Taz Tron Delix directed video.

You can pre-order What Do You Think About The Car? now on Declan’s website!

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