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Ethereal, visceral, cinematic, and a whole other host of brooding synonyms are how best to describe the Bradford post-punk quartet Glass Mountain. In their arsenal lies their debut EP Glacial, an amalgamation of brave, angst-ridden and mesmerising tracks that all seem like they’d fit brilliantly into the end scene of an arty film.

With debut single ‘Glacial’ stretching to just under 7 minutes, Glass Mountain are a self-affirmed bunch. Branding their music as ‘YEARN/SORROW’, the band have a spirited direction, and their feet firmly on the ground with a heart-wrenchingly intimate sound.

Lyrically introspective, and musically acerbic, Glass Mountain are a band that soar with powerfully delicate ballads.

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Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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