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From his quiet home in the Berkshires Woodson Black, aka. Haux, carefully slaves over every aspect of his musical persona. From production to photography and design Black’s approach was initially one that he could hide behind while sharing pieces of himself he couldn’t before. It wasn’t until rehearsals for two London shows, accompanied by string players, that Black began to move out of the shadows.

“I never dreamed of being center stage. Haux was a curtain for me to hide behind while sharing a piece of myself I never could before. Every song I’ve made has been written and produced alone behind closed doors with only a small collection of sounds and instruments. It was comfortable and it was me, and I didn’t imagine I’d ever create anything differently until string rehearsal in London when I heard cello and violin playing Haux arrangements for the first time. Those small, vulnerable songs accompanied by strings really gave me a sense of awe.”

Take a step into his music and you’ll quickly find yourself captured by the photographer turned musician’s haunting electro-folk. Layering his soft-spoken vocals over rhythmic piano and gently rolling percussion, Haux’s songs are mesmerising. Exposing brief glimpses into Black’s mind, his debut EP, All We’ve Known, saw Black suddenly catapulted into the limelight.

Now gearing up to release his second EP, Something To Remember, in March Haux has shared his latest track ‘Heartbeat’. Once again taking his listeners on an introspective journey, ‘Heartbeat’ sees Haux find his footing, landing a single that is both polished, yet poignantly raw.

Haux’s second EP will be accompanied by a string of European tour dates. Kicking off in Berne, Switzerland the tour will see Black make his way across Germany, France and the Netherlands, culminating in a duo of UK shows. A full list of dates can be found below.

12 May – Berne, Switzerland – ISC
13 May – Zurich, Switzerland – Exil
16 May – Vienna, Austria – Chelsea
17 May – Berlin, Germany – Musik & Frieden
19 May – Copenhagen, Denmark – Ideal Bar
21 May – Stockholm, Sweden – Bar Brooklyn
22 May – Hamburg, Germany – Nochtspeicher
23 May – Cologne, Germany – Yuca
24 May – Roubaix, France – la Cave aux Poètes
26 May – Utrecht, Netherlands – EKKO
28 May – Groningen, Netherlands – USVA
29 May – Paris, France – Le Point Ephémère
1 June – London, UK – Omeara (tickets)
2 June – Glasgow, UK – Stereo (tickets)

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