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Hailing from Falmouth, Cornwall, Holiday Ghosts play fun, bluesy rock and roll. On 15th February 2019, they released their second long-player. Living under the radar since their eponymous debut album, released back in 2017, the band have clearly spent time developing their own style and sound.

The new record, West Bay Playroom, is a kaleidoscopic, bouncy release, peppered with cinematic instrumentals, and a certain ’60s essence. On West Bay Playroom, Holiday Ghosts are primitive; every song is jam-packed with potent guitars and is incessantly rooted in the use of bass guitar and percussion.

The influence of acts like the Modern Lovers, The Byrds, and The Velvet Underground is really felt on ‘Low Flying Bird’, ‘B.S. Porche’ and ‘Just a Feeling’. The garage-rock kernel of the record is felt throughout, though; and it feels as though Holiday Ghosts have re-vitalised and re-adjusted the style to sound fresh, and spirited.

West Bay Playroom is available here, and Holiday Ghosts have a couple of dates left in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Leeds on their UK tour – tickets are available through their Facebook events.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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