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With every good band, there’s often a weird, wacky backstory to how the band came to be. Worchester’s own HVMM are no different. Having met as a result of an inexplicable bar ‘scuffle’, lead singer Andy Teece and drummer Sam Jenkins formed the first iterations of HVMM. Now having expanded to a fully fleshed out four-piece the Worchester rockers are poised to bring a ferocious sound to our ears.

Their latest track, ‘Beggars and Thieves’ is a stunning example. Kicking off with a bluesy guitar, it’s not long before a pounding bass line takes over, and lead singer Andy Treece’s vocals cut through as the song develops into a grungy banger. With a sound at times reminiscent of early Franz Ferdinand, the rest of HVMM’s current discography is a gold mine of fast-paced, ear enticing tracks which are ready for the world’s stages.

Currently gearing up for the release of their debut, Talk To Me Like I’m Dead – pegged for release in early September – HVMM are already set to leave a scorching mark on this year’s music scene.

Listen below to HVMM’s previous single ‘Lacerate’:

HVMM‘s debut EP Talk To Me Like I’m Dead is out 1st September via ILA Records and is available to pre order now. 

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