Drangsal announces sophomore album, ZORES

Two years after the release of his debut, Harieschaim, Drangsal (aka. Max Gruber) is set to return bigger and better with his sophomore effort – Zores.

Releasing on April 27th via Caroline International, Zores sees Gruber stretch his wings both musically and lyrically. Still encompassing the 80’s mantra of chord progrssions, Zores sees Gruber combine towering riffs with classic pop to create songs that burrow their way into your head. Talking about the new album Max Gruber told us:

“The album is a lot more organic [thanHarieschaim], because we used a lot less triggered drums on it. We recorded a lot of things live. We recorded songs in a full band setup, fewer overdubs, more streamlined production. We had an idea of what we wanted to do differently, the ideas of what we wanted to try and incorporate into the production process, and basically, none of it is ‘out of the can’. Everything is recorded properly.

“Of course, I still have a very 80’s way of maybe combining chord progressions, and I still have a very specific and referential way of delivering, but  it’s not… If I would hear it I wouldn’t say it’s an 80’s record.

“Like there’s a song on there that’s almost post-rocky in a way. And ends in a myriad of noisy guitars. It’s like a wall of sound, then it dies down, and then there are songs that are even poppier than the poppiest of songs in Harieschaim”

Produced by Max Reiger and Markus Ganter, the album sees its first single ‘Turmbau Zu Babe’ (Tower Of Babel) released this Friday.

Zores is released on April 27th 2018 via Caroline International and is available to pre-order now. 

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