Emerson Snowe returns with ‘Frankenstein’

Returning with his first track since the release of his debut EP, That’s Rock ‘n’ RollEmerson Snowe has dropped the deceptively upbeat ‘Frankenstein’.

The first track release following his signing to Berlin-based indie label Duchess Box Records, ‘Frankenstein’ is just a taste of Snowe’s upcoming EP.

Talking about Frankenstein, Snowe says: “I had become lost with myself and who I thought I was meant to be. Once people in your life fall away and you’re left with yourself, you can be as self-aware as you want to be – but you’re gonna realise sooner or later you have no clue who you are.

“I had moved from one addiction onto another. This track, although it was written very fast, holds a lot of weight into who I was at that time. A time of self-isolation, not sleeping until midday the next day, and gripping onto any ego I thought I had at all.”

Listen to Frankenstein now, accompanied by a cut-out animated video from Joe Sams.

Originally from Brisbane, Emerson Snowe has spent the past few years overseas, touring with King Krule and GUM.

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