EP Review: Avalon // Gabrielle Aplin

After releasing tropical house inspired ‘Miss You’ just under a year ago, Gabrielle Aplin is back with new EP Avalon, set for release on 6 October via her own Never Fade Records. Featuring recent single ‘Waking Up Slow’, an upbeat pop track full of subtle piano, great harmonies and a super catchy chorus, the EP also features new tracks ‘Say Nothing’, ‘Used To Do’ and ‘Stay’.

Continuing the pop vibe, a contrast to Aplin’s traditionally acoustic sound, ‘Say Nothing’ eloquently narrates the story of a broken relationship that could be easily mended by a few meaningful words, but isn’t. ‘Used To Do’ opens with slow, tender vocals, gentle piano and acoustic guitar notes, before breaking into a chorus full of striking percussion, with Aplin magnificently belting the lyrics “nobody loves me like you used to do // do you still need me like you used to do?”. Finally, with electronic undertones and mystical sounding synth, ‘Stay’ is a track built heavily around Aplin’s amazing vocal range, and hints at her old acoustic style through its sections of isolated vocals.

With her new sound heading in a very different direction to that of her previous material, we’re excited to see where Gabrielle Aplin’s music takes her next.


Gabrielle Aplin’s Avalon is out this Friday, October 6th, via Never Fade Records, and is available to pre-order now

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