EP Review: Bad Sounds // Escaping From A Violent Time

It’s the 80’s again! Time for funky synthpop, vaporwave with slightly more substance, Bad Sounds but with good sound! Who would’ve thought that the classic Rhodes or Stylophone sound could be cool again? Bad Sounds must’ve known.

Bad Sounds’ music is formed out of several really simple instrumental patches in a way that I can actually enjoy without cringing. No, it’s not lifechanging- maybe it would do well in a coffee shop- but are Bad Sounds really out here trying to change the world? I thought not.

Vocally they’re not incredible but that’s the genre Bad Sounds is catering too, just like with Bears In Trees, the indie vocal with a British accent is just how they like it. It’s not a disaster but it’s not changing the face of music.

‘Permanent’ is a highlight from the Escaping From A Violent Time, for sure, I can hear an actual sense of passion in the vocals and the instrumentation builds nicely. The song is effortlessly cool, something I think Bad Sounds tries hard to be. Meanwhile, I can’t help but hear whiffs of ‘I Feel’ during ‘Jenny’ and I can’t quite tell if it’s a sample, a reference or just poor songwriting. Then, well, ‘Hard Times’ is half a song, a filler interlude, and just… Fine.

Well, uh, surprisingly that’s all I have to say. I guess that’s all you can expect when you release a 4.5 song EP. Bad Sounds is okay, this EP is okay. I’m sure someone out there really loves them, but I haven’t been inspired either way. 

Is there anything worse than indifference? Probably not…

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Bad Sounds’ Escaping From A Violent Time EP is out today, Friday January 17th and is available to stream and purchase now

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