EP Review: Do Nothing // Glueland

Nottingham’s hottest new band Do Nothing’s second EP Glueland is a distinctively intelligent and stirring body of work that sees the quartet mark their spot within the thriving UK post-punk scene.

Creeping onto the scene with a series of singles over the past three years, Do Nothing have really mastered their sound recently, becoming even more slick with each release. Their newest EP Glueland sees the band building off their debut, 2020’s excellent Zero Dollar Bill, to create a sonically intriguing and explosive collection of songs.

There’s something uniquely sensitive about Do Nothing’s sound. In between the driving drum beats and distorted guitars, you can always be sure to find a thick layer of self-awareness and sentimentality. Chris Bailey’s vocals are one of the elements that set the band apart from others in the genre: all lyrics are delivered with an emotional edge and a trademark vibrato that effectively offset the harsh instrumentals, resulting in a refreshingly melodic take on post-punk.

The EP kicks off with the title track ‘Glueland’. At just two and a half minutes long, it’s short and snappy, quickly drawing the listener in with its crisp drums and crescendo of guitars. The dark and urgent ‘Uber Alles’ follows, lurching deftly between fast-paced instrumentals and slower, more delicate verses. Do Nothing are really showcasing both ends of their musical spectrum here, playing around with light and depth in a way that distinguishes them from many of their peers.

Glueland continues with ‘Rolex’ and ‘Knives’, Bailey’s voice playfully taking on a Mark E. Smith-esque swagger as he delivers quick-witted remarks and astute observations on both. All the songs on Glueland seem to fit together in a thought-out and cohesive way — it is obvious that Do Nothing approach song-writing with a clear vision and an impressive level of precision. Closing track ‘Great White Way’ sees the band explore texture once again: ominous bass lines and warped beats are contrasted with high pitched, squealing guitars to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere.

With the release of Glueland, Do Nothing are practically nipping at the heels of some of the UK’s current big players, challenging the often London-centric view of the post-punk revival and teasing a strong return to the nation’s venues when live music comes back.


Glueland by Do Nothing is out Friday 12th March and you can listen here

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