EP Review: La Nuova Vita // Christine and The Queens

Following the unexpected release of single ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’ earlier this month, Christine and the Queen unveiled a surprise EP La Vita Nuova, a turn towards a new life which channels vulnerability into strength.

Produced by Christine and the Queens and Ash Workman, the EP arrived with an accompanying short film of the same name featuring five of the 6-track collection. The 14-minute film centred in Opéra Garnier, the world-famous Paris opera house tells hypnotic stories of ghosts and mythical creatures.

Starting off with the lead single ‘ People, I’ve been sad’, the EP launches into a slow yet upbeat soundscape which flows throughout even as Christine’s brilliant, bold vocals move from heavenly and light on ‘Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras’ to melancholic and introspective on ‘Mountains (we met)’.

The first three tracks move flawlessly from one to the next, before the energetic, catchy beats of ‘Nada’ establishes itself as the leader of the pack; an impressive feat reminiscent of picking out a fine needle in a brilliant musical haystack.

Title track ‘La Vita Nuova’ featuring the sole collaborator within the offering, Caroline Polachek, comes in as the penultimate track which raises the EP to a feverish pitch to finish off with a grand flourish. Finally- and all too soon – the crystal clear vocals alongside a catchy chorus layers over an easy beat and fun instrumental on bonus track ‘I disappear in your arms’ to wrap La Vita Nuova, a masterpiece which warrants repeats upon repeats.

Well-crafted, with smooth transitions, distinct sonics, and eye-catching visuals, Chris’ latest offering is a short but extremely memorable production which can be best described as 15 minutes of bliss.

So, as much of a surprise the release of the EP was, the fact that music from Chris completely takes your breath away, is no surprise at all; and thus the award-winning, highly acclaimed artist continues her impeccable run.

Rating: ★★★★★

La Vita Nuova is ready to stream now. 

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