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Green, the latest offering from Brighton-based Laundromat, consists of just three sizzling tracks. Originally intending to release a full-length album, Toby Hayes has instead created two EPs this year: Blue, which came out last April, and this. Green is short and snappy, with Hayes cramming as much vibrancy as possible into every nook and cranny of each track. It feels no-nonsense and straightforward, as if all three songs have just fallen from his fingertips.

The EP’s opener, ‘Bureau De Fatigue’, combines crisp rhythms with warped, layered vocals and erratic guitars to create a whirlpool of overlapping sounds and textures, building in power and hypnotising the listener. This could almost have been released in the early 2000s; it bares resemblance to electronic indie powerhouses such as LCD Soundsystem and Radiohead in its incessant drums and repetitive phrasing.

‘Bug-Eyed’, on the other hand, provides a breather after the frenzy of ‘Bureau De Fatigue’. Like an accompaniment to a warm summer’s walk, it shuffles lazily along, with breezy vocals and minimalist instrumentals blending to form a laid-back vibe. Laundromat manages to bring a bit of hazy sunshine to the listener through this song, in the same way that artists like Willie J Healey do in their music

‘Nein’ is perhaps the most psychedelic track on Green, boasting prominent snares and driving guitars in the style of some of the genre’s biggest names: there’s a touch of Tame Impala in the oozing bass, a nod towards King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard in the intricate rhythms. As the closing track, this neatly draws together the EP, fusing the energy of ‘Bureau De Fatigue’ with the mellow atmosphere of ‘Bug-Eyed’.

Though short, Green showcases several sides to Laundromat, taking the listener on a trippy musical ride through various genres and moods.


Green is out now via Brace Yourself Records.

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