EP Review: Lucia & The Best Boys // The State Of Things

Since releasing their first EP in 2017, Glasgow-based Lucia and The Best Boys have nurtured a dark and irresistible indie-pop sound. Their anthemic, eighties inspired music harks back to an era of powerhouse female vocalists and stadium-ready riffs, delivering the energy of bands such as Blondie and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts to a modern audience. On their new EP The State of Things, however, the band have taken a more paired-back, reflective approach to song-writing.

The State of Things is about as far as Lucia and The Best Boys’ could get from their previous EP Eternity, released earlier this year. Whereas Eternity, with its thunderous guitars and thumping drums, was a demonstration of the band’s sheer power, this EP is a conscious leap in the opposite direction. My God, the slow and evocative final track on Eternity, gave listeners an idea of Lucia’s next move. All four songs on The State of Things were recorded in their original demo form, creating an atmosphere of raw intimacy and heightened emotion. Listening to these tracks, you get the impression that frontwoman Lucia Fairfull has directly translated feelings of pain and heartbreak into the music, unhesitatingly threading sensitive themes through the fabric of the EP.


This latest offering is noticeably softer than Lucia and The Best Boys’ previous material, but that is not to say that it lacks their usual vivacity. ‘Perfectly Untrue’ and ‘Forever Forget’ contain the same eighties energy of the songs on Eternity – but this time, it is accompanied by an extra layer of introspection. Lucia confidently owns both sides of her femininity on The State of Things, interlinking self-empowerment with open vulnerability on all four tracks. The influence of iconic female musicians such as Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush is clear, but Lucia sings each poignant lyric with the husky and self-assured tone that has become instantly recognisable in her music.

Lucia’s decision to record The State of Things in LA adds to the EP’s overall sense of maturity. Each track is suitably cinematic for such a setting, with the band wholeheartedly embracing the alt-pop renaissance happening right now by moving more to the pop side of the spectrum than they have on previous releases. This collection of songs sees Lucia and The Best Boys looking both inwards, discussing personal and heartfelt topics, while also expanding outwards, taking on new musical ideas. The State of Things shows that they have grown as a band and are now more than ready to reach new audiences with a distinctly more polished pop sound.


The State of This is out today, Friday 9th October and is available to stream now.

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