EP Review: Lynks // Smash Hits Vol. 2

Lynks releases new EP Smash Hits Vol. 2, a body of work just as riotous and unapologetic as the artist that made it.

In-your-face lyrics, dirty beats, and a hefty dose of self-deprecating humour: that’s right, it’s the new EP from the uncompromising and totally idiosyncratic Lynks. With a sound that harks back to the days of hyperactive 2000s pop and an image gloriously reminiscent of 1980s Club Kid culture, Lynks has emerged over the past couple of years as one to watch in the UK DIY scene, and Smash Hits Vol. 2 demonstrates everything exciting about the Bristolian artist.

Opening with the single ‘Everyone’s Hot (And I’m Not)’, Lynks discusses their personal insecurities, commenting on the unrealistic beauty standards often prevalent in the queer community. The subject matter may have the potential to be depressing, but as always with Lynks, they manage to approach the issue with a nudge and a wink. Lyrics such as “everyone’s a model, they’re all Brazilian/ I’m a librarian from Wigan” brilliantly capture Lynks’ sardonic humour and make for song that doesn’t wallow in self pity, but revels in it.

‘Brand New Face’ covers similar topics, bouncing between surrealist remarks on body image during the verses (“I don’t like my waist, it’s a bit too wide/ So I take this machete and I cut out the side”) and statements of self adoration on the chorus (“I got a brand new face/ And it looks so beautiful… I’m so beautiful”). In this contradiction, Lynks points out society’s bizarre fixation upon size and weight, illustrating the impossibilities of modern Kardashianite beauty standards.

Smash Hits Vol. 2 continues, with Lynks’ confidence audibly growing on the empowering and infectious ‘This Is The Hit’. The production on this track is more electronic and paired-back, the vocals simpler and even punchier. Once again, lyrics are delivered in a tone dripping with attitude, and the accompanying heavy techno beat could almost be inviting the listener to practise their best runway walk. A cover of Courtney Barnett‘s ‘Pedestrian At Best’ follows, with Lynks adding their own dark and feisty spin on it. The product is a PVA-esque dance track so well suited to Lynks’ persona that it sounds as if it was written by them in the first place.

On the EP’s final song ‘Don’t Take It Personal’, Lynks candidly considers their mental health, singing that their “serotonin levels are absolutely heinous” before concluding with a characteristically flippant “oh well!” that perfectly sums up millennials’ often darkly comedic response to mental illness.

Under the colourful lyrics and filthy beats, therefore, Smash Hits Vol. 2 is a clever commentary: on queer culture and the community’s internalised fatphobia, homophobia, and misogyny; on the effects of social media and celebrities on people’s self-confidence; and on the current state of many young people’s mental health. This EP solidifies Lynks’ status as an artist with a firmly unique approach to music, and one who will no doubt continue to rise over the course of the next year.


Smash Hits Vol. 2 by Lynks is out on 27th January, you can pre-save or listen to it here

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