EP Review: Nilüfer Yanya // Feeling Lucky

Nearly two years after her stunning debut record Miss Universe catapulted her to fame, Nilüfer Yanya delivers her new EP, Feeling Lucky, engulfing listeners in its pensive yet self-assured layers of musicality as the 25-year-old singer delves into themes of uncertainty, coincidence and change.

Where her debut was slightly more thematic, here Nilüfer allows herself the freedom to feel – be it in her poignant lyricism or her hazy dreamscape productions. And, despite being only three songs long, she packs a punch that’s no less impactful or memorable.

On lead single ‘Crash’, with 90s-inspired noise rock sensibilities (the confident swagger of which belies the nervous energy that rests within it) she delivers a heavy introduction to the EP, exploring the fear of flying she developed over her tour last year.

As strong vocals and deeply emotive songwriting meet the roaring guitar arrangement, she proves that she might be balanced on the brink of her fears but she isn’t going down without a fight. The following track ‘Same Damn Luck’, establishes Nilüfer’s vocal range as she continues to dive deeper into the anxious setting of the first track.

Centred around the understated role that luck plays in one’s life, the track wavers with the relatable desperation to escape reality but is prevented from sinking into bleak territories by the buoyant soundscape.

The EP reaches its peak on it’s third and final song ‘Day 7.5093’, as she sings, “Heaven is day / Seven and I’m home,” in a track that feels like an ode to the blurred days of 2020. The lyrical imagery is consistent with the other two tracks on the offering as she brings us further into the chaos she resides within, as noisy silences and unheard conversations buzz around in a world that’s always connected yet always detached.

Feeling Lucky ends with a series of bleeps that feels unsettling in its delivery yet somehow comforting in a way as it drives home the uncertainty she set out to convey. Overall, it’s shorter but more power-packed, and it’s a glimpse into the creative and technical brilliance that awaits listeners as Nilüfer Yanya grows and evolves as an artist.


Nilüfer Yanya’s Feeling Lucky EP is available to download and stream now

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