EP Review: Not Your Kind // Hoity-Toity

Hoity-Toity’s previous EP was okay. It was music that I have listened to and enjoyed, but I wasn’t running around raving for any other reason than that Hoity-Toity are talented up-and-coming musicians with brilliant representation and sometimes genuinely powerful lyrics.

So maybe that is why it took a day or two to listen to their new release Not Your Kind…. And I genuinely regret not listening to it earlier. With soul-melting harmonies, incredible bass hooks, vocal runs that I wish I could sing along to and moments that can’t deny their musical proficiency, this EP really shines through as something people need to hear. There were moments where language leant towards Gen Z slang, but not once was it in bad taste (aka, I did not die from the “cringe”). This EP feels like Songs About Jane 2019- this EP is a 2019 landmark, a future sign of the time.

So I guess it seems that with their earlier releases Hoity-Toity were truly victims of shoddy mixing, as with this new EP they feel like a totally new band.

I don’t really know how I can describe Not Your Kind to you other than a comfortably raucous and firey adventure that I will be blaring out of my car speakers when I am outlawed for being too badass.


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Chloe Spinks

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