EP Review: Orion Sun // Getaway

Velvety, expressive, and melodic, the new EP from Philadelphian artist Orion Sun is a dreamy R&B-fuelled wonderland.

‘Intro’ opens up Orion Sun’s sprawling soundscape, wired with sky-high harmonies and relaxed drumbeats. The track rises into a kaleidoscopic array of dizzying synths and layered choruses, before the catchy hooks of ‘Pressure’ take aim at society’s demands via jazzy notes and soulful vocals: “All this pressure got me wishing I was 6 feet deep”.

Released as a single back in December, the brassy layers of ‘Concrete’ feel like the dawn of summer, floating through breezy musings about love and healing. Directed by Morian Thomas, the song’s striking video features Orion Sun on a Californian farm, with the vibrant visuals possessing the same soothing feeling emitted by the track itself.

Latest single, ‘Dirty Dancer’ is 2000s R&B heaven, with rich vocals and intimate choruses leading the way. Meanwhile, the sharp and vulnerable lyrics of ‘Without You’ open up a different side to Orion Sun: “I need you, I can’t do without you”. The EP is flawlessly produced, songs melting seamlessly into one another. Track by track, Getaway creates a tranquil place to escape to for a moment, seventeen minutes of lush calmness far away from the noise of present day.

The twinkling final track, ‘Celebration’ centres around complex explorations of life, crushingly introspective lyrics paired with gorgeous synths and whispering vocals.The standout song of the EP, the track’s bubbling intro ripples into something beautiful, with sweet background sounds of birdsong adding to the serene oasis. In a perfect end to the EP, it’s the sound of acceptance, the sound of being at peace with yourself, and the feeling of being healed.

Orion Sun is an artist quickly on the rise; her relatable storytelling and addictive melodies proving popular amongst the younger generation. The Getaway EP is another leap in the right direction.

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