EP Review: Pixey // Sunshine State

After exploring a range of emotions on her debut EP, Pixey’s Sunshine State hones in on the bright optimistic summer days we’re all pining for right now

Seven months on from her first EP, Free To Live In Colour, Liverpool based singer Pixey returns with Sunshine State: a 6-track EP of pulsating beats and sharp, retro-sounding riffs.

‘Life In Stereo’ is a fantastic start to the EP, a high energy song which is a mingling of genres as it has an indie feel with pop energies and a hip-hop sound to it — showing that Pixey isn’t afraid of experimenting with her sound, even at this early stage in her career.

This vibrancy carries into previous singles ‘Sunshine State’ and ‘Take Me On’. Even though we’re heading into the winter months, this EP truly captures the sense of basking in the sunlight and the little joys amongst the less than pleasant things.

‘Shine On’ takes the EP in a different, psychedelic direction, starting off slow but gradually building to become an indie crowd-pleaser.

‘Day Dreaming’ is a softer, acoustic sounding track that eases listeners into the finale, as it truly feels like – through Pixey’s soft, impactful vocals – listeners have ascended to heaven.

Unlike the first half of the EP, ‘Heaven’ has a softer sound to it. After the upbeat first half, this track takes the listener by (pleasant) surprise, as it allows you to truly appreciate the softness and the emotion behind the vocals.

Whilst it may have been easy to characterise her previous EP as a pop record, Sunshine State is a genre-bending album whose style is difficult to place. What isn’t difficult though is understanding the hype around the Liverpool based singer who has proven, through this EP and the successful live performances so far, that she is an act we should be keeping our eyes on.


Sunshine State is out this Friday, October 29th and is available to pre-order now. Feature image by Blackksocks

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