EP Review: Show Me The Body // Survive

###Nine brutal minutes of genre-bending chaos

New York-based 3 piece Show Me the Body have returned with a new 3 track EP Survive. The first release fashioned in their self-built home studio, Survive is symptomatic of an industry-wide process of adaption. Devoid of reliable time together and denied the band’s most valued asset of playing live, this EP deals violently with the trials and tribulations of a terrible year for a distinguished live band.

During this isolation we had to recalibrate. Recalibrate both how we exist as a band and how we cultivate power within our community. Our live performance is not just a moment for us, it’s our weapon, our language, and our ceremony”. This anger, this grief, this uncertainly echoes throughout the resulting music. This EP is 9 brutal minutes of genre-bending chaos.

On the back of a well-acclaimed sophomore album in 2019’s Dog Whistle, the band have comfortably retained the qualities that once thrust them onto the map. Like much of their previous work, Survive reaches towards the most disparate corners of the musical landscape, letting them exist within four pulverising walls. At times nodding to hip hop, and tonally towards the sludge and doom sectors of metal and rock; theirs is a unique anger that gets beneath your nails until every mirror in sight has had a fist through it.

Woven throughout this EP are constant moments of composed yet emotional instrumentation. They transcend the notions of what it means to be a rock band, with comparisons shifting from Daughters to Death Grips. Though regardless of where the guitars and rhythms place them on the musical landscape, never do these instrumentals overwhelm the importance of singer Julian Cashwan Pratt’s vocal presence. This isn’t something that you’ll want everyday, on your commute to work, or at the seaside. Show me the Body are for you at your most expressive, your most primal, your most raw.


Show Me The Body’s Survive EP is available to stream now

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