EP Review: Talkboy // Wrapped In Blue

Six-piece indie rock band Talkboy release their sophomore EP Wrapped in Blue and oh, BOY is it catchy.

Short but sweet, Talkboy’s latest EP sees the band tell their story in just five tracks. The sextet’s 2019 album’s presence daubed through the indie music scene and later gifted them with opportunities to support kindred talents like Honeyblood and Declan Welsh. Since then, the (now all-too-familiar) pandemic forced many artists out of their tour vans and into the music studios. Talkboy being one, which soon led to the completion of Wrapped In Blue. Silver linings?

The initial track ‘Stupid Luck’ feels like an epilogue to the first single release from the new album. The chords enter optimistically and the melody follows suit as each note begins to fuse together the ABCs of shoegaze and indie-rock, only to be perplexed by its opening lyrics, “I’ve been hit by a truck. As we’re getting older”. A coming-of-age melody accompanied by coming-to-terms-with-your-age lyrics.

The introduction to their next track, ‘Sky Is Falling’, did not hesitate to quickly turn up the tempo. The lyrics enthusiastically bounce between vocalists Calum Juniper and Katie Heap before landing and consequentially sticking in the listener’s head. When talking about this particular song to Love Music; Love Life publication, the group said, “We wanted to do a song that had more of an over-riding feel rather than a literal trail of thought.”

‘What The Moon Was Like’ and ‘Like A Lover Should’ are the only two songs on the album that are yet to be shared with their growing fanbase. The former reminisces of a one-night love affair, whereas the latter waves warning singles to forthcoming heartbreak, though both are draped in a melancholy airiness.

All in all, Talkboy’s latest EP can get any listener swaying for 30 minutes or so. And if that doesn’t work, hit repeat on tracks ‘Wrapped In Blue’ or ‘Sky Is Falling’ for a guaranteed head bop.


Wrapped in Blue by Talkboy is out February 12th, you can buy and stream it here

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