EP Review: The Academic // Acting My Age

Irish indie quartet The Academic have dropped energetic, pop-tinged EP Acting My Age; a collection of six coming-of-age tracks wrapped up in summery nostalgia.

Opening with the hopeful lyricism, harmonic vocals and diverse instrumentals of ‘Anything Can Happen’, the EP begins laying the foundation for a path towards self-realisation and dreamy escapism. Pivoting off the 80s vibe of the opener, the introspection of upbeat title track ‘Acting My Age’ delivers a lesson on what self-growth and forgiveness of oneself really means. With power and momentum broken by the vocal-led pre-chorus, the track offers a slow-built but explosive energy.

The swirls of nostalgia and summery stylings on ‘Sunroof’ bleed into the ethereal, electro-tinged soundscape of the guitar-led ‘Unspoken’. Juxtaposed with one another, these two sonically diverse offerings strengthen the core of Acting My Age. The simplistic, stripped back instrumentation for ‘Sunroof’ gives way to the vibrancy of retro-infused track ‘Happy Hour’ which celebrates the unknown and endless possibilities of an exciting future.

EP closer ‘Them’ once again flips the switch as the EP swings from the celebratory guitar riffs of tracks like ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Acting My Age’ to the thoughtful, gentle, acoustic offering. With a message of reflection, where melancholic vocals and retrospective lyrics about regrets and mistakes, the track and EP is both vulnerable and stripped back yet joyous and layered.
As enjoyable as it is relatable, Acting My Age is the perfect title for a near perfect EP. Effortlessly building a narrative of growth and embracing opportunities readily, when they arise. The Academic’s latest record is six tracks of pure honesty and consistent hard work that allows them to take challenges with head held their high.

Following up to their debut album Tales from the Backseat, released in 2018, the quartet prove their impressive work ethic, expansive musicality and their ability to work hard is more than just talk. Acting My Age combines good attitudes and good music – and it’s combination that can never be wrong!


Acting My Age is out now


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