EP Review: Fickle Friends // Weird Years (Season One)

Having teased us with the release of singles ‘Pretty Great’ and ‘Eats Me Up’ early last year, Fickle Friends release EP, Weird Years (Season One) this Friday 15 January.

Since 2014, Fickle Friends have been providing us with a regular dose of sunshine indie pop, keeping our serotonin levels high and supplying us with a solution to our winter blues. Weird Years (Season One) is no exception. Consisting of 3 previously released tracks and 2 newbies, this EP is full of mellow upbeat tunes and catchy melodies.

Lead single ‘What A Time’ consists of the group’s familiar quirky guitar riffs, bouncy synth and smooth vocals – a theme also followed by ‘Million’ and new song, ‘IRL’. With a building tempo and catchy chorus, the tracks are perfect festival fodder and will elicit a great response from live audiences once the band is able to tour again. Meanwhile, ‘IRL’ also tells a very relevant story of an internet relationship, its fast-paced and punchy composition conveying the excitement and mystery of the online romantic interactions which have become more common than ever since the start of 2020.

‘92’ and ‘Finish Line’ contrast the more typical Fickle Friends releases, and take a slower, slightly more downbeat approach. The stripped-back vocals and low-key synth of ‘92’ give the track a vulnerable feel, mirrored in the lyrics “you’re making me open up again/ surely you must be some anomaly”, and offer a complimentary contrast to the EP’s other material.

After a year of lockdowns, confusions and mixed messages, Weird Years (Season One) provides fans with exactly what they need in the current climate – reliable indie-pop to lift spirits in the face of an inevitably challenging 2021.



Fickle Friend’s Weird Years (Season One) is out this Friday, 15th January, and is available to pre-save and pre-order now.

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