Festival Report: Father John Misty // All Points East, London

Giving in to total entertainment – Father John Misty kicks up a storm as he takes on All Points East.

Turning up with an orchestra, Father John Misty sets the bar pretty high right off the bat. As he smashes out the bangers, mixing old and new, it’s obvious that, despite the extravagant lineup, Josh Tillman is a definite centre of attention. Delving into the most affectionate of love declarations ‘Chateau Lobby’, Father John Misty shows it’s not all snarky stabs at the capitalist oppressors aka the government. 

Describing his self-titled single, ‘Mr. Tillman’ as “a story that’s as stupid as it’s sad. My favourite combination”, it’s clear that the tragicomic twist is very much present. With an album right around the setlist is sparked with new gems, a ballsy move for a mainstage performance, and yet, effective. The crowd seemingly embrace whatever venture Tillman wants to take them on, even the dystopian fantasy of a mid-set Godzilla attack. “I keep expecting to see an incredibly fake looking Godzilla destroy that incredibly fake looking city block… we should have made that happen. We have the budget for that right?”

The innate savviness of Pure Comedy never fails to swoon us, and despite the trolling, Father John Misty still cares for a leading narrative. As long as he gets the punchline.

Though he didn’t get Bjørk to join him, he did get the job done in a fashion that only Josh Tillman could. ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’ brings out true thrills with a slight tinge of old school rock and roll.

Finishing of the show with ‘I Love You Honeybear’, the affection is almost tangible. Though, with a punchy punctuation of sardonicism. It’s a Father John Misty show after all.

Words Aurora Henni Krogh, feature image Patrick Gunning

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Aurora Henni Krogh

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