Festival Report: The xx // All Points East, London

As the storm looms over Victoria Park, The xx gifts us with a performance that will be hard to forget.

Closing up the second day of All Points East, the London trio were quick to call out the power of the hometown show. With heartfelt anecdotes, they gripped the full-fledged power of the moment in a way that only The xx can do.

From the majestic opening of ‘Dangerous’, the trio served an all-encompassing experience. Connecting different parts of their catalogue, they have built a solid foundation for an extraordinary live show.  The simplistic pop tunes they are so well known for has a touch of that new-found confidence. Over the last year we have seen The xx take their introverted self and turning it into their greatest asset. Now wearing their hearts on their sleeves, embracing the colours of their soundscape, they are sharper than ever.

What’s special about The xx is their empathetic approach to a show, both when engaging with their audience and each other. This foundational care transfer so wholeheartedly into the musical experience, making each melody possess a touch of affection.

As they bring the most tender sense of intimacy to the big filed, the trio heartfelt lyrics and passion for their craft is a transcendent feeling throughout the show. Jamie xx’s ‘Loud Places’ gets a natural makeover as the bombastic beats synchs with the thunderstorm – even the elements submerge to the moment of this concert.

See out pictures of The xx’s headline show here

The xx balance the grandness in their tunes with a sense urgency, letting you sink into the moment for the full immersive experience, and as the concert culminates in the ultimate heartbreaker ‘Angels’, The xx have once again proven their spot as one of Britain’s best bands.

All Points East continues today with Bjørk’s headline show, tickets are still available to purchase via AXS Tickets

Words by Aurora Henni Krogh

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Aurora Henni Krogh

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