Fickle Friends return with brand new single ‘What A Time’

Follwoing their near three-year absence, Fickle Friends have re-emerged with ‘What A Time’, the lead single from their upcoming EP Weird Years (Season 1).

The track continues in the electronica-tinged vein of the Brighton natives’ previous work, with garage-inspired percussion and floating, otherworldly synths. But the culmination of the track is the chorus, whose euphoric refrain of “What a time to be alive” contrasts the moody subject matter of the rest of the track. Frontwoman Natti Shiner explains: “‘What A Time’ is an anthem for escapism… With everything that has happened over the last six months, everyone has needed a little time away from the outside world. It’s felt like the world is going to shit, but you need to take some time out for yourself. Shut your bedroom door, turn your music up and dance around the room.”

Nothing can properly make up for the weirdness of this year, but a new Fickle Friends track is certainly a good start.

‘What A Time’ is available now from all good music platforms. 

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