Haich Ber Na to launch new single ‘By Floras’ via virtual gig

South London Artist Haich Ber Na will premiere his new single ‘By Floras’ tonight, via a new streaming platform that broadcasts virtual performances.

The site hosting the virtual gig – – was created by London Punk outfit Sweat, who coded the concept themselves. The virtual venue is complete with a merch stand, where viewers can purchase items in support of the performing artists.

Haich will appear on stage in holographic form at 8pm, performing the new single.

‘By Floras’ illustrates the shifting direction in Haich’s music, as he expand his Electronic sound into new areas.

“I call it broken pop now.” The artist explains, ‘I used to say Electronic, but I’m moving further from that. My new stuff definitely has hints of pop & indie. By Floras is the bridge into this sound’.

Other artists who will be performing on include Lynks Afrikka, Lunch Money and Speedy Wunderground act PVA.

Sweat will also be performing shows on the platform and encouraging viewers to donate to #saveourvenues.

Haich Ber Na will be performing this evening (6th July 2020) via

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