In conversation with: Dollyrots’ Luis Cabezas

Ever wondered what it takes to get started touring? Or maybe what the most important part of being a musician is? Well have no fear the answer is here!

Travelling across the pond we took a quick little trip to the last ever Warped Tour to sit down, (well, stand, but whatever…), with the Dollyrots’ own Luis Cabezas. Talking us through the ever-changing landscape of music, why they’re a fuck yeah, not a fuck you band and the infamous question – what’s next… we pick the brain of one of punk’s most seasoned guitarists.

Giving us a glimpse into future plans, including an unofficially official confirmation that they’ll be back in Europe this Autumn, Luis also explains to us why it’s important to have a women’s stage at this year’s warped and explains to us the story behind the band’s name.

 “Part of being a musician is being willing to embarrass yourself” 

So sit down, grab your headphones and enjoy our chat with Dollyrots.

Interview by Chloe Spinks for RIOT. 

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Chloe Spinks

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