In Conversation With: Tiffany at Lets Rock London

Ah the 80’s, a time of mixtapes, questionable fashion choices, and this mildly terrifying Michael Jackson ET poster… But, attempt to forget that image we’ve now scarred into your memory, and you might remember one great thing that did come from the 80s: its music.

Arguably one of the most influential periods in music history, the decade saw hip-hop break into the mainstream, disco wow us all, and some huge pop bangers. With all the incredible (and sometimes legendary) music that one short decade produced, it must come as no surprise that 80s music is seeing a huge revival. At its centre in the UK is music festival Lets Rock. Centred around all things 80s the festival sees some of the era’s best and brightest head to London for a day of pure nostalgia.

Having taken over London once again earlier this year, we sent our intrepid reporter Chloe Spinks to sit down with Tiffany Darwish (aka. Tiffany) to talk through why the 80s are back, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and the wonder that is Stevie Nicks. Watch our interview below, or check out our chat with The Blockheads here.

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Chloe Spinks

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