In Pictures: Franz Ferdinand // Roundhouse London

At the height of the 2000’s indie wave, Franz Ferdinand were a force to be reckoned with. The masters of the indie scene were everywhere, from video games to film and TV. Yet over the past 10 or so years as the indie wave once angain died down, the Glaswegians remained a somewhat constant. Returning with their latest offering, Always Ascending, at the start of the year Franz Ferdinand took us on a rather odd journey, somewhat trying to re-invent the sound that had worked so well for them over the years.

Live the new tracks seem to connect better, slotting themselves well whithin the band’s five album catalogue. The result of this is clear, although Always Ascending may be considered a blip on the band’s permanent record, live the Glaswegian rockers have what it takes to deliver a performance of epic proportions. One that catapults you back to the hayday of indie.

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Alexia Arrizabalaga

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