Indie-dreamboats Bad Idea return with fuzzy pop ballad ‘Happy’

Following up from their last single, ‘Winter’, Bad Idea have returned with the dreamy new single ‘Happy’.

A shoegaze ballad about the return of positive thoughts after a depressive period, the track is a wonderful getaway from the day to day anxieties that can fill us at the moment. Filled to the brim with blissful guitar hooks and romantic melodies, the track continues to grow the gravitational enchantment surrounding this band. 

Speaking about the song, lead vocalist Sarah Sefton says: “Although the tone of the song seems to contrast with its emotions, Happy is actually a song about feeling good. I can imagine that a lot of people, as well as ourselves, have been stuck in a rut this past year or so – so the appearance of positive thoughts during all of this stillness and contemplation come as a shock. Songwriting is what we’ve  been left with this year, and Happy encapsulates that sense of meditation and catharsis that we’ve been unable to unleash onstage.”

Formed back in 2016 thanks to a drunken night out dancing to Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ (we’ve all been there), the band has worked to slowly grow their following in the DIY scene, having previously shared stages with Dream Nails, SLØTFACE, Doe and the Orielles. 

‘Happy’ is available to stream and download now.

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